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Chiropractic Manipulation


Chiropractic Manipulation is the cornerstone of the Chiropractic health paradigm. When joints in the spine or extremities become "misaligned" or “fixated”, symptoms such as pain, muscle spasm, numbness, tingling, or weakness can occur. A Chiropractic “Adjustment” restores normal position or movement of the vertebrae.

Adjustments may involve gentle pressure, or a quick thrust applied to a specific location, in a specific direction to restore normal function to a joint. Adjustments are rarely painful, and highly effective. Numerous studies have proven the efficacy, safety, cost effectiveness, and high levels of patient satisfaction of Chiropractic Manipulation. As a result, it is one of only two treatment protocols given the highest recommendation for the treatment of low back pain by the Agency for Health Care and Policy Research, (AHCPR) a branch of the US Dept. of Health and Human Services. For more research information, see our links section.

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